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We create evergreen content for your websites and blog posts.

Writing content for your website is no easy task. At Verprose, we take care of your content requirements while you focus on the important things in life.



Scheduled posting made easy! cool

Content is a huge part of any website. It keeps your readers informed and answers their questions. Based on the niche of your website, it is important to have regular content posted to keep readers active. Evergreen and relevant content is known to bring in more visitors over time.

Old Posts Vs. New Posts

Studies have shown that around 90 percent leads come from old posts because they stay relevant to a reader for longer. By working with us, we will help you to create a bi-weeky or monthly content publishing strategy. Over time, you will have a growing website with rich content that ultimately converts into revenue. Remember, sticky content generates value over time.


“But, I don’t always have time to write content for my website.”


This is where we step in! At Verprose, we provide scheduled content creation for websites. A website that has fresh content daily will not manage to keep a single post at the top for long. By constantly adding content, you are not giving your readers enough time to process all this new information and neither is a single post given enough exposure. Good content is a long term strategy and there is no overnight solution to bringing in more traffic.

When you cater to your readers, Google will rank your website higher! This is a bulletproof strategy. Write primarily for your readers and let Google do the rest. Tweaking content to trick Google’s algorithms and check off every box of its ranking methodology is a fool’s errand.

“Isn’t it better if I self-publish 10 posts a week to boost my visibility and traffic?”


This strategy is adopted by many but there is magic in posting consistently good and relevant content that is spaced out over time. By posting weekly or bi-weekly, each top post will get a week or two of exposure before the next blog post is published. Site visitors will interact with it for longer because it manages to stay relevant over a longer period of time.


Posting two solid posts a month is far better than a couple of low quality posts per day. By pushing out quantity over quality, you’ll get lost in the 4.4 million blog posts that are published each day.

Knowing this is crucial to increasing your traffic and reader count without having to publish a post daily (also, you avoid burn-out and declining content quality!).

Daily posts, in most cases do not bring in more visitors in the long run. It is crucial to understand that consistency and long term thinking is key to a successful and thriving website. Content that is evergreen and manages to stay relevant for months and years manage to bring in traffic over time.

If you find yourself too busy taking care of other important things, leave your content requirements to us. Now, as easy as 1-2-3 ! cool


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